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Barcode and RFID software for material management applications

SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Barcodes and RFID, for identification of items, locations or individuals; and hand held mobile computers, used to direct activities or collect information. In any project to introduce or update information systems using these technologies, there are five key elements which determine success of the project.

BassetPro system

The five elements are:
- system design,
- software,
- hardware,
- labels or tags, and
- ongoing support.

This page talks about the second item, the software.

What, exactly, do we mean by software?

The systems that we provide cover a wide range of functionality. The most basic systems are completely self contained, and run on a single hand held computer, with no support required other than a convenient printer for producing reports.
At the other end of the spectrum, our more sophisticated systems include several different elements. There is usually a desktop application. There are mobile elements, running on hand held computers, which may be operating in batch mode, or connected by local or wide area wireless network.
A web components is becoming more of a standard feature, either as a means of viewing information or requesting services, or as a fully interactive element of the system. And many of these systems exchange information with one or more back end systems.
So by software, we mean all of the above.

So what makes this software so special?

There are several key issues which differentiate this software from conventional desktop software. The special difficulties of this environment include...
- using tiny screens and keyboards on the mobile units
- protecting your data on batch mode devices
- mobile processors running at slower speeds
- managing multiple instances of a common database
- RFID interfaces require special management in mobile applications
- using bar code readers and RF links with web applications

Why are SageData so good at producing software that complies with all the above constraints? Because we have been at if for a long time.
We produced our first hand held computer software in 1991, for a data collection project. We have made a lot of mistakes since then, but we do not make the same mistake twice. So our software is well tested, well proven, robust.
And by working closely with the hardware manufacturers, we have learned to push the envelope.

And what can this software do?

Our software is all built around the two key technologies - auto ID (barcode or RFID) and mobile computing. This usually translates into people, place and things. We cover a wide variety of applications, but they are all based around identifying items, knowing a physical location, and knowing who is interacting with the item.

Specific applications include..
- asset management,
- inventory management,
- routine inspections,
- managing tool cribs, small stores or warehouses,
- directing messengers,
- tracking maintenance activities,
- and collecting data (soil samples, or counting caribou)
- manufacturing controls (including QA)
- handling fresh produce
- and more…

What about specific packages?

We have a variety of standard packages that have been developed over the years. This includes...
- BassetPro - for asset management and small stores applications
- Whippet - for larger warehouse management applications
- FiESTA - Fire Equipment Status Tracking Application - for managing inspections of fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment
- PICS - Paperless Inventory Control System, for smaller stores, such as departmental stationery stores
- SePTRE Security Patrol Tracking Equipment

Can these be customized to my specific application?

Absolutely. But we do this a little differently. The classic software trade off is between custom and standard solutions.The custom solution is good, because it gives you a system that does exactly what you want. But unfortunately custom applications take time to develop and expensive. And worst of all, you are part of the testing and debugging process.
Standard systems avoid these problems. They are less expensive, can be delivered quickly, and are usually robust and well proven. But unfortunately they don not do exactly what you want. You may have to change your process to match the operating procedures laid down by the software.
We have steered a path between these two extremes.
We believe that the perfect tool is one that does everything that you need. And absolutely nothing else.
All installations start with a standard package. These packages are designed so that we can easily configure them by removing (actually hiding) functionality that is not required. The result is a package that is closely configured to our clients exact requirements. But it can be delivered quickly. It is not expensive. And it is robust..
Our aim is to give you a boring system. You turn it on, it works. No fuss. No excitement.

Contact us for more information.