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Education, Archive and Library Management

SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Medical, Dental, Veterinary schools receive a large number of student applications every year. To become a medical doctor, a dentist or a veterinarian is a dream of many young people. The competition is fierce - 15-20 applicants compete for a single spot. While it is a very significant test for the aspiring youth, there is no smaller task on hands of the selection committee. The committee members have to review thousands of applications to select individuals for an interview.

The Challenge

Every year professional schools (e.g. medical or dentistry) offer 100 to 200 spots to their candidates. With 20 applicants for every spot, the number of applications received is in thousands. Initially, the received applications need to be registered by the selection committee. Then, the applications are allocated to the committee members for review - need to keep track of which application went where. After the review, some applications advance to the next review round while the others are stored for a subsequent shredding.
How to track thousands of applications in an accurate and time efficient way?

The Solution

SageData Solutions offers a field proven system that efficiently tracks the applications as they are received, reviewed, accepted for further evaluation or rejected. Our flagship software solution BassetPro in combination with Barcode and RFID technologies addresses the application inventory management challenges.

Barcode scanner

Upon an initial processing each application is barcoded (a preprinted barcode label is applied) and registered using a simple user-friendly interface that guides the user through the required steps. Once an application is in the system database every change in its status is very easy to reflect. A simple scanning of a barcode label of the application brings all relevant information on the computer screen.

The status of the application can be easily changed by selecting one of the pre-populated options. For example, the status of an application changes from received to reviewed. The status information will include the data of change, who made this change and when, who reviewed the application and when, a reason for the status change.

BassetPro solution provides a number of specific reports allowing a real-time supervision of the application management process.

Moreover, an institution that manages applications only once a year, does not need to purchase our system - we offer a convenient option of renting our BassetPro system for a period of time as well as purchasing the required quantity of pre printed barcode labels.

Our solutions also help to track archive files and documents at some government departments. A combination of barcode and RFID technologies with BassetPro software allows for quick retrieval of stored documents. In addition, our solutions assist in tracking these files as they move from desk to desk within a department.

BassetPro has been in the field for over 25 years. Our solution underwent multiple revisions and acquired new capabilities making it a very flexible mobile software platform.

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