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Asset Management in the Cloud

SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

SageData's BassetPro Asset Management System is installed in many hundreds of locations around the world, and has been enhanced based on feedback from real world users.
For most of its earlier life, BassetPro has been run either on client servers, or an standalone systems.
Lately (for a number of years), we also offer a cloud-based solution. SageData's servers are located in the National Capital Region of Canada.
Set up is fast. Support is very efficient. Implementation costs are reduced.

Benefits of Asset Management in the Cloud

Benefits of the Cloud option include:
- implementation cost is low (which can ease procurement)
- implementation is fast
- reliability of the system is usually improved
- client responsibility for maintenance of the server is eliminated
- data security is enhanced

Implementation is fast

Because the application is running on our servers, we can set up the system quickly, without the need for a site visit.

Reliability is usually improved

Many of the issues we see with traditional active systems stem from problems with the client's server. This can take some time to diagnose, may require a site visit, and there are often issues related to availability of client IT support personnel. These are eliminated when the system is hosted on SageData servers.

Client's responsibility for maintenance of the server is eliminated

Too often the responsibility for server maintenance is delegated to a separate department, which may have other priorities. Our clients are usually operational personnel. When the server is down, they cannot operate, and sometimes find themselves in a queue, waiting for service.
Sometimes the personnel allocated are not familiar with the application, or even the specific server. Sometimes there is confusion as to whether a failure relates to the application or the server configuration. Also, independent IT personnel may make changes to the server without advising operational personnel in advance.
When SageData Solutions are maintaining the server, it is our prime and only focus. Plus being responsible for the server and the application avoids finger pointing and delays when there are problems.

Data security is enhanced

Although we always advise our clients on the importance of data backups, in real life it is too easy for procedures to fade. Personnel change. After several years of trouble free operation, somehow data back up does not seem so urgent. We recognize the value of the data, and have taken steps to ensure that there are several layers of protection to avoid loss of data.

Implementation cost is low

The traditional price structure includes an initial cost for set up and license, with an ongoing cost for maintenance and support. With the cloud model, savings on the initial set up can be passed on to the client. For the traditional configuration, there are ongoing costs for server maintenance. These are sometimes soft costs, but are none the less real for that.
In the cloud configuration, SageData charge an ongoing hosting fee for maintenance of the servers. Because maintenance is simplified (no site visits) maintenance and support costs are reduced, and these are typically added to the hosting charge. So the net result is that the initial cost of the system is reduced, and ongoing maintenance and support is only marginally increased.

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