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How to Manage Controlled Drugs for Paramedics

SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Tracking Controlled Drugs

SageData supplies the products and services you need to automate data collection and processing, providing you with greater productivity, data accuracy, and insight into the operation of your business.

For the Paramedic "business", data accuracy and insight into use of controlled medications isn't just desirable, it is mandated. BassetPro-Medic ensures that each individual vial is tracked from its first appearance under the Paramedic Service's control, to when it is used, or disposed. And other critical items can also be verified - vehicle keys, sat phones, emergency medical devices, trauma packs, fire extinguisher, etc., etc.

Features include:
Datalogic Memor 10 with pistol grip - Full lifecycle tracking of vials
- Auto-ID scanning to ensure accuracy and speed
- Every inspection timestamped
- Personal vial responsibility tracked
- Mobile, touchscreen computing
- Easy to learn in minutes - intuitive buttons and instructions
- Easy to use - speeds up any current manual process
- Disposals tracked
- Tracking of other critical items
- Real-time information availability to paramedic managers across region
- Comprehensive reports available for audit verification
- Detailed history and management data analysis

BassetPro screenshot

We would be happy to shed more light on this important matter.

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